Cell Tracking

Cell tracking

Alexandr Kondratiev, Dmitry Sorokin

This page is devoted to our recently developed automatic cell tracking approach for tracking of abruptly moving and dividing cell nuclei in 2D+t fluorescence microscopy image sequences.

The page provides a supplementary material to the paper A Method for Automatic Tracking of Cell Nuclei in 2D Epifluorescence Microscopy Image Sequences submitted to the 2018 IEEE The eighth International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA 2018) will be held on November 7-10, 2018, in Xi’an, China.

An example of the input image sequence and the corresponding results:

Initial image sequence

Nuclei tracking results

The ImageJ plugin implementing our approach is available here:
Cell_Tracking-1.0.0.jar (119K)