Audio noise reduction


Alexey Lukin, Maxim Tkachenko

A spectral subtraction method for reduction of a stationary noise in audio signals leaves a well-known artifact called "musical noise" — a series of random energy bursts on a time-frequency plane. We are developing 2D smoothing methods for prevention of this artifact, and using multiresolution STFT techniques to improve time and frequency resolution of the method.



Lecture slides on spectral subtraction (Power Point, in Russian) from the laboratory's introductory course on DSP.

Homework assignment on noise reduction for the course, includes programming materials.



Online Audio Denoiser (by Maxim Tkachenko), featuring multiresolution processing and musical noise suppression by a 2D smoothing.

Comparison of Noise Reduction Systems (by Alexey Lukin), on a speech sample with broadband noise and electrical buzz.



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