TitleGrid warping for image sharpening using one-dimensional approach
Publication typeConference paper
Author(s)A.Krylov, A.Nasonova, A.Nasonov
Publication date2014
ConferenceProceedings of International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP2014)
AddressHangzhou, China
AbstractA new method for image sharpening via image warping is proposed. The idea of the method is to warp the uniform grid of the image in a way that the pixels around the blurred edge move closer to the edge according to its blurriness. The advantage of the proposed method is that instead of an accurate estimation of the blur kernel only approximate value of the edge blur level is required. Also, since image warping does not change pixel values and only moves pixels, the developed method does not increase the noise level. The proposed technique preserves the overall luminosity and textures of the image, while making the edges sharper and less noisy.
CommentISBN 978-1-4799-2188-1

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