About Laboratory

Address: Moscow Lomonosov State University
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
Leninskie Gory, 2-nd educational building, office 539
Moscow 119991 Russia

Phone: +7 (495) 939 11 29

16.11.2017 — выложено третье задание для студентов 3 курса и магистров 1 года обучения.

02.06.2017 — Congratulations to our alumni (masters)

01.06.2017 — Congratulations to our alumni (bachelors)

01.06.2016 — Congratulations to our alumni (bachelors)

28.05.2015 — Congratulations to our alumni (bachelors)

28.05.2015 — Congratulations to our alumni (specialists)

19.01.2015 — Demo software for the paper Deblurred images post-processing by Poisson warping is available here.

31.07.2014 — The following reports were accepted at ICSP 2014:

  • Grid warping for image sharpening using one-dimensional approach (Andrey Krylov, Alexandra Nasonova, Andrey Nasonov)
  • Sparse Method for Ringing Artifact Detection (Alexey Umnov, Andrey Nasonov, Andrey Krylov, Ding Yong)
  • Image Preprocessing for Color Doppler Flow Antialiasing Using Power and Complex Phase Data (Artem Yatchenko, Andrey Krylov, Andrey Gavrilov, Valeriy Sandrikov, Tatyana Kulagina).

24.07.2014 — The following reports were accepted:

  • Grid warping in total variation image enhancement methods (ICIP 2014, Andrey Nasonov, Andrey Krylov)
  • Image warping in dermatological image hair removal (ICIAR 2014, Alexandra Nasonova, Andrey Nasonov, Andrey Krylov, Ivan Pechenko, Alexey Umnov, Natalia Makhneva)