30.11.2011 — Congratulations to Dmitry Sorokin with PhD degree!
PhD thesis title: Laguerre projection method in image processing and analysis.

26.11.2011 — Maria Storozhilova, Alexey Levashov, Artem Yatchenko and Dmitry Yurin took part in 8-th Open German-Russian Workshop “Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding” in Nizhny Novgorod on November 21-26, 2011. Two oral and one poster presentations were made.

02.11.2011 — Congratulations to Andrey Nasonov with PhD degree!
PhD thesis title: Regularization methods of image enhancement.

25.10.2011 — Prof. Andrey Krylov presented at Sino-foreign-interchange Workshop on Intelligence Science and Intelligent Data Engineering IScIDE2011 (23-26 October 2011, Xi'an, China) the invited report “Use of Color Information for Keypoints Detection and Descriptors Construction”. Authors of the report were Andrey Krylov, Dmitry Sorokin, Dmitry Yurin, Ekaterina Semeikina.

October 2011 — The laboratory delegation of Andrey Krylov, Andrey Nasonov and Alexandra Chernomorets visited the Institute of VLSI design of Zhejiang university, Hangzhou, China in 16-23 October 2011 in terms of joint work in the area of image quality estimaton. The purpose of the visit was discussing the work in the area of image ringing effect detection and suppression.

20.07.2011 — Our laboratory pariticipated in joint seminar on color image processing at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei as a part of joint RFBR-NSC project. Our thanks to professors Ko Liang Chung and Wei-Ning Yang!

Ding Yong

May—July 2011 — Ding Yong, associate professor, institute of VLSI design of Zhejiang University, China, visited our laboratory for joint work in area of image quality assessment.

29.06.2011 — Our report “Surface tension and dynamic contact angle analysis for liquid droplets” will be presented at 8th Pacific Symposium on Flow Visualization and Image Processing, 21-25 August 2011, Moscow.

11.06.2011 — Our members Andrey Krylov, Dmitry Sorokin, Maxim Mizotin and Elena Pavelyeva presented their reports at the WORKSHOP ON THE TIME-FREQUENCY ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro (supported by the Ministry of Science, Montenegro) 06-10 June 2011, Kotor. Thanks for the organizers team headed by Professor Srdjan Stanković for the great workshop!

23.05.2011 — Congratulations to our alumni! Our students after the defense of specialist diplomas:
Alumni 2011

  • Bondarenko M.A. A Method of Medical Image Segmentation
  • Rudyak Yu.I. Computational Method of Scene Analysis and Reconstruction Using an Image Set
  • Sobolev D.K. Fire and Smoke Detection Using Image Texture Methods
  • Khanina N.A. Algorithms for feature detection on digital images
  • Chernomorets A.A. Computational Methods of Vessel Processing and Analysis for Retinal Images
  • Yarema P.V. Steganographic Software for Medical Images