TitleFast registration algorithms for histological images
Publication typeJournal article
Author(s)D.I.Sungatullina, A.S.Krylov, D.N.Fedorov
Publication date2014
JournalScientific Visualization
PublisherNational Research Nuclear University "MEPhI"
AbstractIn this paper, we propose two fast registration algorithms for histological images. Our first algorithm is based on matching the contour points of the observation and template, and performs in O(M log M) time, where M is the number of the contour points, with almost no loss in the quality of registration compared to the commonly used Hungarian algorithm, which has O(M^3) time complexity. A high accuracy of the transform parameter estimation is achieved by an iterative exclusion of heavily mismatched contour points, followed by rectification of the parameters for the rest of the points. Our second algorithm takes advantage of a special structure of the histological images that contain elliptical gland slices, and finds corresponding ellipses on the observation and template. The resulting transform is obtained from the pair of ellipses with maximum overlap index. The first method suits well for all types of histological images, while the second one is intended to be used for high-precision content-based spatial alignment.

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