TitleScale-space color blob and ridge detection
Publication typeJournal article
Author(s)N.A.Khanina, E.V.Semeikina, D.V.Yurin
Publication date2012
JournalPattern Recognition and Image Analysis
AbstractFeature detection in color images frequently consists in image conversion from color to grayscale and then one of grayscale detectors application. This approach has a few disadvantages: some features become indistinguishable in grayscale and features ordering based on response of grayscale detector do not accord with features order of importance from human’s perception point of view. There are two essential contributions in this paper. First, the method for direct detection of blobs and ridges in color images is proposed. Second, for scale-space ridge detection we introduce a 3D non maxima suppression procedure (in two orthogonal directions) which makes ridge detection simple and easy programmable in contrast to Lindeberg’s automatic scale selection approach. The proposed algorithms also produce estimates of blobs sizes and ridges width.

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