TitleAutomated processing of retinal images
Publication typeConference paper
Author(s)A.A. Chernomorets, A.S. Krylov, A.V. Nasonov, A.S. Semashko, V.V. Sergeev, V.S. Akopyan, A.S. Rodin, N.S. Semenova
Publication dateSeptember 2011
Conference21-th International Conference on Computer Graphics GraphiCon'2011
AddressMoscow, Russia
AbstractThe problem of automated processing of retinal images for semiautomatic diagnosis of retinal diseases is considered in this paper.
The main aspects of retinal image processing are discussed. Methods for non-uniform illumination correction, blood vessel detection and macula and optic disc segmentation, finding dark and light spots in the macula area are suggested.

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