Ding Yong

May—July 2011 — Ding Yong, associate professor, institute of VLSI design of Zhejiang University, China, visited our laboratory for joint work in area of image quality assessment.

29.06.2011 — Our report “Surface tension and dynamic contact angle analysis for liquid droplets” will be presented at 8th Pacific Symposium on Flow Visualization and Image Processing, 21-25 August 2011, Moscow.

11.06.2011 — Our members Andrey Krylov, Dmitry Sorokin, Maxim Mizotin and Elena Pavelyeva presented their reports at the WORKSHOP ON THE TIME-FREQUENCY ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro (supported by the Ministry of Science, Montenegro) 06-10 June 2011, Kotor. Thanks for the organizers team headed by Professor Srdjan Stanković for the great workshop!

23.05.2011 — Congratulations to our alumni! Our students after the defense of specialist diplomas:
Alumni 2011

  • Bondarenko M.A. A Method of Medical Image Segmentation
  • Rudyak Yu.I. Computational Method of Scene Analysis and Reconstruction Using an Image Set
  • Sobolev D.K. Fire and Smoke Detection Using Image Texture Methods
  • Khanina N.A. Algorithms for feature detection on digital images
  • Chernomorets A.A. Computational Methods of Vessel Processing and Analysis for Retinal Images
  • Yarema P.V. Steganographic Software for Medical Images

22.05.2011 — Two reports have been accepted to ICIAP'2011 conference:

18.05.2011 — The paper D. V. Sorokin, M. M. Mizotin, A. S. Krylov. “Gauss-Laguerre Keypoints Extraction Using Fast Hermite Projection Method” has been accepted to the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition conference as an oral presentation.